Three Top Marketing Tips To Beat The New Year Blues

January is a bad time for traditional business marketing and a bad time for businesses, so we’re told. So unless your business is trading in broken New Year’s resolutions, you could be at an impasse when it comes to how to take your business forward in the month of January.

But it doesn’t necessarily have to be like that. Believe it or not, there are still ways of wooing clients and tempting customers in the New Year – you just might have to work a little harder at it!

With the help of some cunningly placed promotional materials and a little inspired thinking, there are many ways businesses across the U.K. could shake the New Year blues and say hello to customers this January.


Whether your company is a corporate business, offering business to business services or a shop, you can share your business New Year resolutions through a variety of media. They could be shared online, via social media or in good old fashioned business promotional products.

Your resolutions may be serious or tongue in cheek, but you can take advantage as such items as promotional cups and other merchandising products to get your message across to your clients or customers.

This is also a golden opportunity to pick up followers on Facebook, Twitter and invite your customers to join your mailing list.

Both approaches – social media and actual tangible printed promotional items, remind your customers that you are there and of the services that you offer. If there’s any new stuff they need to know about, this is the time to tell them.



Whatever your business or industry, January is a good month to hone in on people’s good intentions for the future.

One way to get customers in through the door of an empty shop is to offer classes and workshops. These can be enhanced by a variety of promotional materials (exercise books, branded pens etc) which will help jog your customer’s memory of the event and of course, of your business.


If you are a shop, you will undoubtedly be expecting to struggle in the month of January. A common groan from retailers is people shopping with vouchers they received over Christmas, but not actual money.

Here is where you need to try and maximise every customer’s spend, be it online or in store.

BOGOFs or buy one get the second half price deals are all good ideas.

Create an event or sale day and make sure everyone knows about it first. This could be through your website and voucher codes, but also through physical media promotions on your premises.

After Christmas it is possible that the place will seem drab without all the decorations, so make sure your sale or event is well signposted.

The voucher may bring your customer to your store, but once they are there, you need to make sure your shop or business is suitably enticing for them to spend beyond the balance on it!