How To Get Featured

Are you a marketing executive who needs an outlet for all their creative energies?

Do you want to share your stories and ideas with other professionals in marketing and advertising?

Do you want to chat about what works and what does not for your business or your team?

Then Where’s Me Culture want to hear from you, because we are looking for businesses and individuals to feature in our upcoming blogs.

We are planning a series of blog posts from guest bloggers over the next few months and would like to invite people to contribute.

You could be anyone from the CEO of the company, to the marketing manager trying to deliver outstanding results on a budget of about 24p.

If you want to share with us the frustration of being the only person in your business or company who knows the value of marketing strategy, then we would like to be your sounding board.

Similarly, if you have managed to achieve outstanding results with no money and just pure inspiration, we would also like to hear about it.

All we ask is that you can write in a lively and engaging manner. Submissions should be no longer than 500 words and should be accompanied by a killer headline.

At the moment, we are happy to take submissions on a variety of topics, from the inspiration behind your greatest marketing success to your greatest failure and what it taught you.

Here at Where’s Me Culture we take our failures very seriously – well, slightly, at least – this is because everyone fails at least once and we believe that the earlier on you do this in your career, the better it is for you – as long as you learn your lessons well from it.

So if there’s any particularly interesting campaigns that you or your company launched, which flopped spectacularly, these would make great blog posts.

Of course it’s not all about failure, we want to share with our readers what makes a truly outstanding marketing campaign and we want to hear about all the massive successes you have had over 2016.

Whether you ran a Facebook campaign that took off in a big way or your YouTube video went viral, how you did it and what it took to make it happen is something we would like to know about.

All our readers are professionals in marketing and advertising of both digital and print media and we are just waiting to hear your story.