Why Your Business Still Needs promotional Giveaways In 2017

It may seem a little old fashioned, but even in 2017 there are many advantages to employing corporate giveaways for U.K. businesses today.

Yes, it’s true digital media is an excellent tool and one that your business cannot afford to neglect. But don’t give up on other forms of marketing either. Corporate promotional products, branded giveaways and other forms of cheap promotional items are far from dead and could be the boost needed to give your business the edge, as we go into what is traditionally, the hardest time of year for many retailers.

It is in short, advertising for your business, at its most basic level. But the fact is it is advertising that works and is usually very cheap when you start comparing to other forms of ‘traditional advertising’.

Consider the options for print advertising for your business. How much would it cost for your company to pay for a billboard or billboards with an advert on it? Or on a bus shelter, or bus? Or a page ad, in a newspaper or magazine?

These are all good forms of advertising for a business, but crucially, these are not cheap.

And also they have the disadvantage of being short term (a newspaper advert is, literally, here today, someone’s fish and chip wrappers tomorrow).

What if your company name could be promoted in a far more canny fashion and at a fraction of the price?

If done right, this is exactly what merchandising products can do for you.

Now perhaps you may be thinking that branded pens and cheap promotional mugs are a little passé for 2017. But you do not have to be limited to just these! Although we would still like to point out that both these items are very popular for a good reason. Hands up anyone who has never drunk tea from workplace promotional cups?

The truth is that these small, commonplace items find their ways into people’s lives and therefore memories. These are not things to be sniffed at. A pen is something that literally, needs to be to hand at all times. So why not put your business logo on it?

But if you should want to go beyond cheap corporate gifts such as those, what about a branded bag with your logo on it?

Bags are a fast growing business in the UK – especially ever since the charging for plastic carrier bags came in. Now everyone needs shopping bags and these are ideal items for promotional giveaways.

They could range from foldaway shopper bags to printed cotton bags or something more resembling luggage, but either way, they are a decent size for placing text on.

What’s better is that your bag will be seen by everyone as it wends its way out and about. It may even be lent out and will certainly be re-used time and again.

And all for the fraction of the price of that expensive billboard or newspaper advertisement!

Remember, even in 2017, people still need something to put their shopping in. Utilising printed promotional items such as bags and other accessories are a smart move for any business looking to the future this January.