About Us

We are a small marketing blog based in Northampton, but reaching out to the whole of the U.K.

Our blogs are written by marketing professionals, creatives and psychologists, who all have vast experience in advertising and marketing.

We passionately believe in the new generation of marketing and advertising experts and exist to fight your corner in the exciting world of new media.

Frankly, there are some ads out there that are so tepid that they deserve ad blocker! We are here to celebrate the advertising campaigns and marketers who know how to turn that around and make their marketing something magical.

The tide is turning in the advertising world and we want to help bring these new voices to the fore.

As well as producing a blog, we also publish a quarterly newsletter, for professionals, which you can sign up for by using the ‘contact us’ button.

This is packed full of all the latest news and analysis in the world of marketing, both digital and traditional.

Unlike some blogs about marketing, we do not pooh-pooh the traditional school of marketing. We know that some blogs are sometimes a little obsessional about digital marketing to the exclusion of all others.

We do not believe this is the right approach and that the majority of businesses can benefit from a targeted combination of both digital and more traditional print marketing methods.

Our blog is regularly offered out to guest contributors and if you would like to be featured in it, please drop us a line.

Of course, you can follow us on social media and we would love to hear all your comments and opinions on the news stories affecting the world of marketing. Whether you want to talk to us via our Facebook page or add your voice to our comments section on this blog, we welcome all your opinions – be they praise or criticism!